Reading Horizons Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Statement

Emblazoned on the board room wall at Reading Horizons are the words “We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.” We work hard to put these words into action and view respect as a crucial tenant of a productive and inclusive culture for our employees and customers.

It is our respect for every individual that also drives our interest and efforts to promote literacy. We strive to provide every individual with the skills and knowledge that unlocks their access to an education and career that engages their interests and abilities. We believe that providing a quality education for every individual is the best means for reaching this goal. When executed with equity, education has the ability to level the playing field and disarm prejudice, oppression, and poverty while building self-confidence, self-worth, and character. In order for this to happen, it is important that educators, students, and publishers are trained and taught to question and correct the implicit, cultural, and historical biases in their own thinking, instruction, and materials.

At Reading Horizons we have a zero tolerance policy for racism in any form. Our Cultural Inclusivity Review Committee, whose core belief is that education has the potential to bring lasting social change, reviews all of our materials for cultural inclusivity. We also regularly conduct staff trainings on inclusivity and diversity to eliminate any implicit bias from our workplace. We know we must look beyond our differences to see and realize the potential of every human being. Our goal is to help individuals tap into their full potential by helping them secure the skill most foundational to any education: the ability to read.

Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise

Reading Horizons is committed to promoting equitable employment and contracting opportunities. We actively encourage M/WBE participation in all of our business endeavors and seek to provide equal opportunity to partner with our company and compete for contracting opportunities.

Last Updated: 7/5/2022