Virtual Resources

Delivering Reading Science Through Remote Learning

Whether you school is closed for COVID-19 or you are looking for a flexible reading curriculum that can adapt smoothly from the classroom to remote learning as needed, Reading Horizons allows you to provide instruction based on the Science of Reading regardless of the circumstance.


Reaching Students Where They Are

Virtual Lessons

Students can easily receive hands-on Structured Literacy instruction from certified Reading Horizons trainers with Reading Horizons Virtual Lessons. Students can easily follow lesson material with a model student showing them how to interact with the video instruction. Teachers can also use these lessons to pull ideas for their own Reading Horizons virtual lessons.


Online Software

After students complete a virtual or in-class lesson, you can provide additional practice, review, assessment, progress monitoring, and student accountability with Reading Horizons online software programs (for grades K-3 and grades 4+). These capabilities are invaluable when a student is working from home and teachers have little observational data to rely on to gauge student progress and understanding.


Student Packets

Whether you want to create additional practice and accountability for every student, or, you need an offline option for students with limited or no internet access, Reading Horizons Student Packets are available to reinforce every virtual lesson. Ideally, a student with limited internet access can still view the assigned virtual lesson on a parent's cell phone before completing the packet.


Disseminating Reading Research to Teachers

Looking for virtual training for your teachers? Prepare every teacher with a practical method for providing Structured Literacy instruction with the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course. Talk to your account representative about getting a license to this course and other virtual training options.


A Guide for Structured Literacy

Reading Horizons Direct Instruction Materials (for grades K-3 and grades 4+) can be used in both virtual and classroom settings to provide teachers with a detailed guide for providing Structured Literacy instruction to their students. Talk to your representative to learn more or to purchase the materials for your teachers.


Reading Success During COVID-19 School Closures

Watch how these educators used Reading Horizons programs and online resources to help students receive reading help during COVID-19 school closures.

Cindy Davis

Denyse Wholf

Angela Olson

"Our DIBELS scores have never been better and I’ve never felt so confident in teaching reading. My kids love dictation and we are so excited about phonics! Reading Horizons has really made all the difference for us!"

- Tami J., Weber School District, UT

"I have a student who went up 400+ Lexile® points at midpoint. He smiles every day and tells me how easy reading is now. He just told me that it's because of the Reading Horizons program; he is reading 12th-grade books and can read the 'big words' that he could not read before."

- Diane W., Texas Juvenile Justice Department, TX

"My third graders made 100% gains on their Literacy test! I'm so glad we have access to Reading Horizons online [software] where my students can make great gains at their own pace. Thanks RH team! You have made this possible for many of my ELL students."

- Sussy B., Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK

"I am amazed at the growth that I have seen in my students this year after using Reading Horizons as an intervention program. I have had a few students who went from reading 7 words per minute to now reading almost 40 words per minute."

- Leigh F., Pittsburgh Public Schools, PA

"My students' test scores have all gone through the roof, and Reading Horizons is the only thing different from last year. Confidence levels, accuracy, everything has gone up."

- Amy M., Lucy Elementary, TN